Read, Reflect, Rest – The 3 magical Rs!

It’s been a long while since my last post here. Why is that? I don’t know. I guess there are seasons when you are prolific, and then seasons when you are prolific – but at something else. You read, you reflect and you rest during those periods and the 3rs help you gain much-needed perspective to help you thrive in the busier seasons!

Reading opens out new worlds, introduces some cool friends and adventures, equips one to see the world in a new way. Is this what the ancients meant by the word “darshan”? For the “objective” world may not change, your world can though – when you begin to see the world in a different way.

The seeds of knowledge gained from reading sprout into wisdom when we reflect. Indeed ideas become habits, theories turn into practices only when we reflect a lot. The ancients prescribed meditation and contemplation in tandem – distilling our perceptions and learnings into deep-rooted insights.

The rest – is more of a repose. All of this mental activity needs a stable base to take effect. Rest need not mean just sleep – though sleep also helps as the mind subconsciously works out its magic. A restful walk, yoga, a spot of fishing, cooking – anything that puts the mind to rest is what I mean.

So that’s the thought for today. Prolific writing followed by periods of 3Rs as the seasons follow one another. Neither rushed, neither forced. Just allowing the inner wisdom to work on the inspirations from the world – sometimes internally and sometimes as a material product (an essay, a sculpture, a poem, a theorem, a business plan even maybe). It happens.

Would you agree?

Savouring the flowers admidst all the noise!

Another one of those weeks where everybody, everywhere (and their team!) is screaming work – “we want this on priority – meaning yesterday!”. Phone calls are ringing off the hook, computers are overworked and alarm clock utilization has just hit the roof.

As I walk to my car and plug in my phone, the itunes player comes alive with John Denver effortlessly singing my favourite Anthem “It’s about time“. Savour teh opeing lyrics of this amazing song:

“There’s a full moon over India and Gandhi lives again.

Who’s to say you have to lose for someone else to win?

In the eyes of all the people, the look is much the same,

for the first is just the last one when you play a deadly game”.

He’s of course singing about the environment and our need to take care of it. He could be singing though about the “fast life” of today and the words would ring just as true.

And my mind wanders to those little “living games” (as opposed to the deadly ones John sings about) where “you dont have to lose for someone else to win” – everyone wins. And I break out into a smile. Here’s a sample list that came to mind, what are yours?:

– The warm, welcoming toothless smile the old lady sports when a toddler successfully (and naturally with a big proud grin on her face) walks for the first time – a walk she has attempted to share her birthday chocolates with grandma

– When the young, blind musician plays a mesmerising tune on his flute, his eyes and mind on a better, beautiful world far away. The enchanting melody draws a large crowd which spontaneously breaks into a loud applause – and the musician smiles realizing this world is just as good as the “heavens of his dreams” and in celebration of this discovery he instantly presents a fun earthy tune for his wonderful audience

– A young girl from a traditional family gets caught up in the teenage spirit and parties hard – only to be busted by the local police. As she waits for bail (her first time out at the police station) – she trembles in fear of what her very orthodox father would say and the effect this would have on their social circle. At this moment, her father comes in and with a huge smile of relief hugs her and consoles her tears. She knows she is accepted unconditionally – a lesson she willingly trades her partying days for. Her father knows his days of being the stern disciplinarion are over – his daughter has transformed into a friend. A bond has just been built..

And so on….little moments that have profound implications for all those participating. They go unnoticed for the most part on media and the “noise-focussed” channels – but anyone touched by the moment is grateful for his/ her life has been changed forever.

Suddenly the never-ending phone calls, the never-ceasing email flow, the seemingly-unending asks from the family – all seem bearable – even desireable. For who knows, one of these may hold a rare flower that will change your life for ever – and all you need to do is believe that there’s a flower in there somewhere and take the time to stop and experience it.