“Kindle”ing Nostalgia – finding precious treasures in the digital aisle

Yesterday, while browsing our endless digital aisle (also called amazon.com), I came across two priceless items – they make me so happy (and nostalgic) that this will be the topic of today’s post. First up, I discovered several versions of Peter Cheyneybooks in the kindle bookstore. Peter Cheyney for those who are not aware was […]

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A tale of 2 storms…

The last week belonged to sandy and nilam, no matter what Obama/Romney or the congress/ iac say. Sandy hit the east coast of the USA, while its cousin played havoc on the southern coast of India. And here’s what intrigues me – I cannot imagine where they got their names from. Sandy wasn’t sandy, she […]

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Biking – The journey begins

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one wonders if one is exercising enough. Generally (and if you are like me), the answer comes back pronto – NO!!! I amble thoughtfully and watch some tv, thrash (metaphorically speaking) a politician or two, read a book – but the thought doesn’t go away. So I […]

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