Falling off the pedastal

As a rule, we like to put our celebrities on pedestals. For a change, I thought about a different context – how about when we are placed on a pedestal and brought down (and before you call it narcissistic, let me assure you that each of us is held up to a pedestal by someone […]

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Of Temple towns and IT platforms!

A couple of weeks earlier I had the chance to visit the Pallakad Chariot Festival. This an extraordinary event when the devatas (the idols) on chariots are carried into the town – an occasion where Gods come to meet people as opposed to the general practice of people going to worship the Gods in the […]

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Wearing apple in a windows world

Wearing Apple in a Window’ed world – the title says it all. Here are my experiences using Apple products in a office setting that uses plenty of microsoft stuff. Is my experience akin to driving a ferrari as a taxicab? Or do I feel like driving a good looking but under-powered car on the racecourse? Why not find out?!

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