Angulam means?

Would a blog be happy to introduce itself as For that matter are there any reasons why it shouldnt?

After all, a name is but a label…OK – so you have already heard that reasoning before and it dosen’t sound convincing enough huh? But then we all have our crosses to bear!

Its probably not the best name, but it was the best I could do – and truth be told, I had a hard time finding the right name for the website…

Consider the other options:

I could name it after me; but the rather annnoying habit we Indians have of considering a name well spelt only when it has 21 characters or more renders it difficult for all you visitors. Compassion rules this out – and honestly, even I have a hard time pronouncing our names sometimes!

I could also name it after my anscestoral abode (which is again 20 characters long and spiced with a few silent alphabets), community (which would raise eyebrows), by my relationships or profession(johnson could be named thus because he was john’s son and john the carpenter could be named john carpenter; sadly my dad’s retired and my IT profession dosen’t really really vibe well as a domain name..) – but none of these would really pack a punch.

Thus we had to eliminate many of these options – because they were too long, were prone to be misunderstood or plainly just didn’t make sense.

So what do we have left then? I hail from India – a country steeped in spiritual unfoldment, have had the opportunity to travel across the globe (albeit for business reasons) and work for an industry touted to be a bridge for the developing coutries to come alongside their developed brethen economically. So spirituality, culture, hope, prosperity – are themes I get to reflect everyday on – and learn from doyens across the globe thanks to a very networked world.

So could we get a name that could convey all of this?

Introducing Angulam. Angulam is a Sanskrit word meaning “finger”. Sanskrit is a very ancient language, revered as the language of the Gods by the Hindus (one of the most ancient and profound spiritual religions in existence today). It’s a name that’s short, to the point and very symbolic.

The finger of course refers to something like the one in the Zen kaon: point at the moon a finger is needed, but woe to those who take the finger for the moon…

This blog aims to be something like that pointed finger – a finger pointing toward wisdom and generally good stuff that I come across everyday. It’s a gentle finger that aims to make your life richer, happier and fun.

Please do note that this site in itself is not a fount of wisdom, its a map  at best to the source (embellished and inaccurate many a time). If it brings a smile to your face, some understanding to your soul and inspires you to look up a great truth or the works of a sage – the blog would have done its job – many times over..

Enough already, let’s get started..

p.s: There will be plenty of flaws and misinterpretations, those are most certainly mine. Should you find any bloopers, please ping me and I’ll do what I can to make it less of an eyesore.

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