Which “Hero” are you?

Here’s today’s revelation – Everyone wants to be a hero. Everyone.

Some of us want to be “happy achievers”. Some of us prefer to be “endurance heroes”.

Happy achievers look to follow optimistic paths – Robin Sharma’s 50 new rules of work are all the motivation they need to lead our lives.

Endurance heroes believe their life sucks, and their heroism comes out of being able to endure the suffering. To become bigger heroes, they need more trying circumstances – and life humours them by becoming one big worry to endure.

I guess we have a choice to make – and the choice we make defines who we are and the friends we make. Ultimately both are but stories we tell ourselves – the question is whether we’d prefer to star in an adventure-filled-comedy or an award-winning-melodrama!

Time for each of us to take our introspection lens and ask ourselves: Which hero am I? And is this what I want to be?


Everything seems to come in multiple hues these days – and it is left to us to make meaning out of what we see.

This rather diverting thought came to me while gazing at the landscape over a long drive. Take green for instance, what comes to your mind?


You know what I am talking about – grow more plants, burn lesser fossil fuels, walk more, save the planet (or is it save the whales..) – that kind of stuff. Does green bring this to your mind (with a bonus of maybe michael jackson and his angst-filled “earth song?”)


Read as “notes of green with presidents’ photos promising to pay the holder dollars”. Do you see the monetary “whats in it for me” in everything? If yes, looks like a good century to live in eh – where we rank people on wealth and have the richest beam on us from magazine covers?

The monstor green: Yep, we are talking about jealousy eloquently paraphrased by the bard as “the green eyed monster”. Where we coveted the green bucks for ourself in the earlier one, we look askance at someone else who has seemingly achieved what we covet in this case! This monster is ferocious – lets hope he visits us less or not at all!

Enough of musing for one day.  You may want to notice something about the above catagories – one is about the sense of “me”, another about the sense of “you” and a third about the sense of “we”. The third seems easier somehow huh?!!

Musings on perfection – From a commentary on the Heart Sutra

The audience is shifting its legs anxiously, “hey, where’s all the spiritual stuff, the wisdom and so on this blog used to churn out – have these topics gone on a long vacation?”

OK – here goes, let me pull some stuff from a wonderful book by Ken McLeod named “An Arrow to the Heart: A commentary on the Heart Sutra”.

The answers are pulled verbatim from this book – please dive into it for more such contemplative thoughts.

Our question – When is perfection attained?

Perfection is attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away…

Our question – What are the 6 perfections?

For generosity, nothing to own

For ethics, nothing to hide

For patience, nothing to fear

For effort, nothing to achieve

For stable attention, nothing to wander

For wisdom, nothing to know

Endpoint – Contemplate a while on these – the are sure to bring in a shift in awareness …and if you love this, check out Ken McLeod’s website – its truly awesome.